Sketch and Image Assets

Haiku doesn't yet provide its own drawing tools. Though we plan to add some in the future, this was an intentional decision. Designers told us resoundingly that they don't want yet another drawing tool, so we simply integrated with existing ones. Think of it this way: draw in Sketch, bring to life in Haiku.

Let's start by covering how to get your Sketch design into Haiku:

The first step to bringing your Sketch design to life is to import it.

To do so, simply click "IMPORT" at the top of the library panel.

Behind the scenes, we convert all your Sketch design's artboards, pages, and slices into individual assets that may be independently composed and animated on stage.

To get an asset on stage, just drag and drop it!


This one's self-explanatory: to get an item from the Library to the Stage, simply drag and drop. The new element will show up on the stage where you drop it, and a new row will show up in the Timeline representing the new element.


What if you need to make a change to the Sketch file? That's fine! We'll take care of bringing your new changes into Haiku and onto any assets you've placed on the stage.

When you import a Sketch file, we automatically make a copy of that file and start tracking changes behind the scenes with Git. What this means is if you make changes to your original file, they won't show up by default in Haiku.

To make changes to your Sketch-linked assets, double-click the Sketch file in the library. Sketch will launch, and when you Save in Sketch, changes will automatically be tracked in Haiku. Even elements already on the stage remain linked and can be updated directly from Sketch.

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